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DaShanZi International Art Festival2006



项目总结:还艺术本来面目Resume art

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《Cool Cave》Opening discuss Speciality discuss

Time:May 1、2


Venue: South Gate


God GiftedDiscuss

Time:May 6 afternoon

Venue:BTAP Garden


New Dance Program

Heaven & EarthDiscuss

Time: May 20, 21

Venue: outside






Special propose:

For our Chinese dance program, is focus on the group psychology therapy,

we will take  the public  to join us in Cool Cave & Heaven & earth.


Need sign up to join us....

Need the introduce...

Please call:

81605371   65476390


Organizer: Dadance group

Sponsors: Dimensionalartdance Culture & art exchange Center

Dolphin Designer

Media support: pubchn.com


DIAF Chinese Dance Program

18 February, 2006  Curator Wang chunhong


Chinese Dance program


To be the most powerful vision, Chinese Dance program will focus on Post-post style program, to view the thinking of society, to show the relationship of human and nature through the body. Give the measure of the problem through creative dance.

The Chinese dance program will propose more public join this basic movement of the emotion.

Modern, post modern, post-post modern, and special program of Children. We exploit the inner power through dance.


1,Cool Cave/Contemporary Chinese theatre (China)
The combined apocalypse of Chinese classic drama and Xiong Shiyi’s English manuscript ‘Lady Precious Stream’, have together influenced the post-post modern drama Cool Cave. Through dance & drama therapy, words, music and other elements, this piece presents the experience of Wang Baochuan, who lived in a cave for 18 years. Cleverly making illusionary comparisions between the Chinese and English languages, it extends to explore the secrets of the human personality. By analysing the experience of Wang Baochuan, we can observe the prediction and adjustment of human development and the potential for human intelligence to develop.

Special Note: Join it is more import than look. The Group psychology therapy element make this work more close to inner heart.
Curator: Wang Chunhong  Consultant: Yan DunFu

Artists: Chen HaiYan, Yang TongJin, Yin JiaMing, Dong RuiYuan, Sun Yan, Wang Chunhong, Yan DunFu, Zhang WeiWei
Venue: South Gate Space
Date: May 1-2


Wang Chun Hong, a dance curator will make a beautiful performance mixing dance therapy and improvisational painting with disabilities children. Through the dadance therapy, the children will draw the oil painting as improvisational.
Curator: Wang Chunhong

Artist: Wang chunhong & her 21 learning disabilities
Venue: BTAP Garden
Date: May 6 afternoon 2pm-6pm 3 section


Note: Special commend: we will be very providential that 06China Learning disable Painting exhibition will sent their art works showing during our show of God-gifted. They are selected from more than 28 province, 300 hundreds paintings. Please pay attention on their exhibition, their webpage: www.cdpf.org.cn 



3 Heaven & earth / flowing through ther outside area of the district
Post post modern dance "Heaven & Earth". Thirteen people covered in black cl
oth merge into the background that they have passed through, like the relationship between hearven and Earth. Small individual changes will influence the composition of the whole. In order to flow harmoniously, consciousness at the most subtle level is needed, otherwise the indivdual will become the stumbling block of the other. On the earth, the person has became an imprtant motivating factor, development or set back. To re-view how the mind-body work together.
Curated: Wang Chunhong
Venue: flowing through the outside area of the district
Wang ZhiXia, Deng LiLi, Ling Li, Qi HanLiang, Liu Bei, Hao GuangPeng, Huang QingYe
Time: May 20
, 21 afternnon  3pm-6pm

May 21 Public day: public can join to taste.


Other Dance program: 《Phoenix


More program:  www.diaf.org

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